BW's C-Sections and Battens make the production of lightweight steel roof trusses simple and fast. Our C-Sections and Battens are made of high-tensile galvanised or zinc/aluminium alloy (AZ) coated steel. It is designed for optimum strength and increased load capacity at a minimum cost to meet industrial demands as well as to complement most roofing systems.

    BW's C-Section and roof batten are a superior and economical alternative to timber roof truss. Manufactured from galvanised corrosion-resistant steel, the BW C-Section is engineered for perfect compatibility with the building frames, resulting in greater strength, better design flexibility and wider spans, while the BW roof batten can be made into long, straight lengths with no alignment problems, as they are 75% lighter than timber battens. Since several battens can nest together and be easily bundled and transported, handling and storage becomes tremendously hassle-free and easy.

    • High tensile, lightweight & durable.
    • Termite-proof roof system.
    • Can be boxed up for longer spans.
    • Profile, thickness and material options for economy design.

  • C-SECTION 153 & 135

  • BATTEN 121

    Length: ±5 mm
    Thickness: ±0.03 mm
    Web: ±1 mm
    Flange Width: ±2 mm
    • Contact between galvanised steel and incompatible materials (e.g. copper tube) must be avoided as premature corrosion may happen.
    • Galvanised steel materials should be stored in a dry environment under a waterproof covering. Allow adequate ventilation to prevent condensation.
    • C-Sections and Battens should be stored off the ground in a slightly sloped position.
For test report, please write in to request.

  • *All dimensions in mm.