Established in 2002 as a family-owned business involved in small-time trading and rental of scaffolding assembly to hardware retailers and contractors, BW Yee Seng Hardware Trading Sdn. Bhd. today has grown by leaps and bounds, diversifying and expanding our core businesses to include manufacturing of complete scaffolding assembly, roll formed metal roofing and multi-truss systems, and total storage solution under the acquired brand name of Metech.

In 2009, BWYS embarked on a people-oriented Management Transformation Program (MTP) where a pool of highly dynamic professional staff was recruited to lead the Company into a market-driven human-resource focused organisation to effectively meet global business challenges. The program successfully paved the way for greater business opportunities and a wider global reach, leading to the set-up of assembly facilities in Penang (Head Office), Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Kota Bharu (Kelantan), Mentakab (Pahang), Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) and Kuching (Sarawak). To date, the BWYS Group has invested over MYR 40 Million in plant and equipment for our manufacturing facilities located across Malaysia.
In line with our mission to evolve with diversified resources and products, the Group began expanding its product portfolio to include metal roofing, multi-truss systems, corrugated sheets, C-purlins and racking systems to serve the commercial and industrial sectors, among them the building and construction industry, logistics hubs, hospitals, hypermarkets and Multi-National Corporations, locally as well as internationally.

Today, the Group has a total of 10 branches and subsidiaries throughout Malaysia, with progressive plans to upgrade our existing facilities as well as establish new product lines to meet the growing demands of the overseas market. The Group has also signed an agreement with USM's School of Housing, Building & Planning to collaborate and synergise for business networking and to conduct a joint-research program for steel building material in the building and construction industry. With the right people, business strategy and progressive plans in place, we are confident of achieving our vision to become the global market leader in supplying high quality steel products as well as total storage solution.