The METECH brand was introduced into the market as early as 2001. In 2012, with the successful acquisition of the METECH warehouse racking systems, the brand was included into BWYS' line of products under total storage solution. It carries a wide selection of standard and customisable storage systems that have been specially designed and developed to cater to the demands of various industries. METECH Pallet Racking Systems are subject to the highest standard of paint finish through the latest pre-phosphate technology and phosphate drying ovens in RAL powder coating paint polymers, the most modern and technologically advanced Powder Coating line in Malaysia and in the Asia-Pacific region.
During a multi-stage pre-treatment process, the surface of the metal is chemically covered with an adherent layer of iron phosphate crystals. This crystalline layer, which is non-conductive, provides the finish coat with excellent protection and prevents the onset of galvanic corrosion should any ruptures occur on the coat. The result is impeccable paint quality with a consistent layer of thickness, excellent degree of surface adhesion as well as greater scratch and impact resistance. Under the Group's purview, the METECH Racking Systems have successfully penetrated over 25 countries worldwide, covering the Asian region, Australia, New Zealand, Fuji, Guam, Middle East and Russia.