To be the global market leader in providing high quality steel products and total storage solution as well as to evolve progressively in other areas of endeavour.
Being the global leading company does not mean being the biggest but it does mean being the best in terms of customer value, customer service, employee talent and consistent and predictable growth. Our vision tells the world what we care about. We are well on our way to realizing this vision but there is more we must do to fully achieve it.
To evolve as an organisation with diversified resources and products, while making an impact with our social responsibilities.
Our mission statement captures the essence of who we are. We don't take pride in just being a business that sells building materials and equipment but we are driven by growth and diversification that keeps us ahead of the curve. As a responsible corporate citizen, our progressive journey is defined by social and corporate responsibilities that benefit our stakeholders and community.
Our values serve as benchmarks that guide us in our day-to-day operations, ensuring that we conduct our business activities and ourselves appropriately and honourably with ethics, integrity and respect in every aspect of dealing with other employees, suppliers, associates, stakeholders, customers and the public.
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    The invaluable assets of our organisation that propels us forward
    We value people and relationships, be it with our customers, suppliers, associates or stakeholders. As our organisation depends on their support, commitment, capabilities and diversity, we deeply respect one another and foster team spirit that brings out the best in people to work towards achieving common goals.
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    Creating new solutions that meet new requirements is the catalyst for our continuous growth
    As a dynamic organisation, we anticipate change and respond with creative and advanced solutions. We embrace learning opportunities from our experience and act with timely agility and responsibility. Keeping abreast of new technologies is an initiative we take seriously.
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    Great leadership is the backbone that inspires and motivates us to achieve momentous feats
    Our Leadership exemplifies a competitive spirit that drives the organisation to excellence. This spirit empowers people at all levels of the organisation to be their best. In embedding Succession Planning as part of our culture, we aspire to create empowered individuals of high calibre to take our organisation to new heights of growth and excellence.
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    Staying ahead of the curve enables us to set new market trends and be competitive globally
    We listen to our customers to ensure we are meeting and exceeding their needs. One important aspect we focus on is Economies of Scale that empowers us to achieve competitiveness. As such, we are able to diversify our business, provide strong support to our customers and evolve on every level to stay competitive.