Emergency Response Preparedness & Fire Drill Training

An “Emergency Response Planning (ERP) & Fire Drill” Training was held by Safety Department on 6th September 2019, which involves 24 participants in BWYS. A trainer from Safetyware EHS Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. was invited to carry out the training on that day.

The objectives of the training;

    • Enhance knowledge in compliance of OSHA 1994, Fire Service Act and effectiveness OSH Management at workplace.
    • Enhance knowledge on emergency preparedness and accident prevention.
    • Understand the definition of incident, disaster and natural disaster at workplace managing the situation when it happened.
    • Demonstrate management concern for the health and safety of employees.
    • Practice the evacuation plan at workplace.
    • Will be able to manage and control potential emergencies in a safe and effective manner, thus minimizing the impact to human (physical and health), and environment.


We believe an organization shall establish and maintain plans and procedures to identify the potential for, and responses to, incidents and emergency situations, and for preventing and mitigating the likely illness and injury that may be associated with them. The organization shall review its emergency preparedness and response plans and procedures, in particular, after the occurrence of incidents or emergency situations. The organization shall also periodically test such procedures where practicable.

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