Pioneering PPS (CIDB) Approval to Act 520

BYWS Scaffolding systems is in full compliance with regulated ACT 520 and comes with Perakuan Pematuhan Standards (PPS) Approval by governmental authorities. The system also meets requirements of the local building codes and requirements.

MS 1462 Certified By SIRIM/CREAM

Components and all accessories comply with MS 1462 requirements and have passed stringent tests conducted by SIRIM/CREAM. Material and specifications are proven to be of highest quality.

Maximized Size with STK 400/500 Material

Products are heavyweight, extremely strong and safe with the use of STK 400/500 base material with maximized size, thickness and specifications to increase effective load bearing performance.

Effective Cost from Superior Durability & Reduced Wastage

Products are custom-designed to deliver long term durability with prolonged life span concluding in effective cost competitiveness.

Dedicated to Long Term Business Value through Rental & Flexible Support Programs

We commit the best commercial business value through our flexible rental programs, dedicated customer support & service programs, incentives, high value buy-back programs & flexible financial Leasing support; all designed to ensure long term business success and relations.


CIDB – Perakuan Pematuhan Standard (Bahan Binaan)

JKR – Akuan Pendaftaran Pembekal Sistem JKR

CREAM – Product Certificate of Conformity – Galvanised Steel Tube for Tubular Scaffolding

CREAM – Product Certificate of Conformity – Steel Coupler for Tubular Scaffolds

JBPM – Sijil Pepasangan Keselamatan Kebakaran

SIRIM – Lesen Pensijilan Barangan – Carbon steel tube for general structure

SIRIM – QAS ISO9001-2015