BWYS Group has been providing trustworthy scaffolding systems for over 20 years emphasizing on highest quality, product safety and innovation as our guiding principles. Specifically in BW Yee Seng Steel Industries, our products are manufactured according to stringent international quality standard of ISO 9001:2008. Our innovative and flexible designs ensure regulative compliance (Act 520), material and specifications complying standards (MS 1462 or equivalent Singapore Standard SS280 – Compression Test & Welded Strength on vertical tubes), safety effectiveness, maximum load bearing strengths and durability leading to cost effectiveness.

One of our key products is “A-frame scaffolding” which is a simple system that is widely used in Asia and some regions of the North American and Europe. We manufacture various walk-through main frame with complete accessories support as an entire system.

In June 2015, Act 520 has been amended to include scaffolding for regulation in Malaysia. All scaffolding systems (A-Frame, Tubular & Coupler, Shoring and Modular systems included) are now subjected to requirements Malaysian Standards 1462. Today, BW Yee Seng Steel has undertaken the tests compliance with SIRIM/CREAM and successfully pioneered on application, registration and certification of Perakuan Pematuhan Standards (PPS) with CIDB.