BW UROLL BOND is a stylish steel step (conventional tile look alike) roofing profile sheet. Rolled-formed from G400 grade aluminium-zinc coated steel, this metal sheet profile is widely used for all types of residential and commercial projects such as bungalows, shop offices, schools and other commercial buildings. Architects and designers recognize the enhanced aesthetic and burglary preventive features of BW UROLL BOND profile. It remains ideally suited as the best replacement for conventional concreate tiles.

BW UROLL BOND is offered with a surface layer of corrosion protection engineered to provide durable and high quality performances with minimal requirement for maintenance.

BW UROLL BOND is durable and easy to install as it does not require customized tools or specialised installation procedures. This strong and lightweight (as compared to conventional concrete tiles) features of this profile enhances commercial cost savings in the construction of a total roofing system.

Specification & Technical Info


The minimum recommended roof pitch is 7°

Batten Spacing

Internal Support-610mm Max, End Support-305mm Max

Product Tolerance

±10mm, Width: ±5mm, Thickness: ±0.03mm

Available Length

Customised cut lengths available according to orders


BW UROLL BOND step roofing profiles are stacked sheet
to sheets. The number of sheets in each pack depends
on roofing thickness and length. Quantities are reduced
for longer roofing sheets.

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