The BW Modular System is based on the principle of a self-locking system with a pivoting wedge-key that engages with a stirrup. Upon placing a horizontal member on a stirrup, the wedge will automatically swivel into place, instantaneously securing the system.

The BW C60 is a vertical shoring system that employs multi-directional triangular frames, which allows for many structural possibilities. The BW C25, on the other hand, is a multi-directional pre-fabricated scaffolding with “automatic quick wedging”. It comprises all the 3 main components – Vertical standards, horizontal ledgers members and diagonal braces, which are completed with bearing parts and can be raised by adding floors. More importantly, BW C25 is safe for erection and dismantling by a single person, who can position the horizontal members without any risk of disconnection

Specification & Technical Info

BW C60 Specifications

• Approximate Load Capacity: 70KN per leg. (Actual load capacity shall be verified through
load test report)
• Main Vertical Tube Members: 60.3 mm (OD)

BW C25 Specifications

• Approximate Load Capacity: 25KN per leg. (Actual load capacity shall be verified through
load test report)
• Main Vertical Tube Members: 48.3 mm (OD)


1. Standards Compliance BW C25 (Only this Item is covered by MS 1462)

• MS 1462-3-1: 2011- Metal Scaffolding – Part 3: Prefabricated scaffolds – Section 1: Specification for steel and aluminium
modular system scaffolding, EN 12810-1
• MS 1462-3-2: 2011- Metal Scaffolding – Part 3: Prefabricated

2. Effective Cost from superior durability & reduced wastage

• Minimal number of small, loose parts helps to minimise misplacements/loss of parts.
• Quick & easy assembly and dismantling is cost-effective and saves time on-site.
• Multi-directional and multi-level attributes allow for greater flexibility and better adaptability.

3. Dedicated to long term business value through rental and flexible support program

We commit the best commercial business value through
• Technical loading analysis and drawings support (if required)
• Flexible rental programs
• Dedicated customer support & service programs
• High value buyback program
• Flexible financial leasing support

*All the service packages above are designed to ensure long term business success and relations.*

4. Other USPs

• Excellent Systemic Performance
• Superb Compression & Welded Strength
• Safety Load Security
• Anti-Corrosion Reliability

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