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Metal Roofing & Multi-Truss

The BWYS Group has been recognised as a famed and reliable brand of metal roofing, metal cladding, metal hoarding, multi-truss system and corrugated zinc sheets throughout Malaysia. With more than 6 branches nationwide providing unparalleled coverage and backed by solid manufacturing and after-sales service, BW Metal Roofing offers a level of satisfaction and peace of mind that is unavailable from other manufacturers.
Our extensive range of metal roofing profiles includes: BW Long RunBW Crimp CurveBW Uroll Bond (step roof), BW Clip Lock 672 and Corrugated Zinc Sheets. In order to provide a total roof solution to our customers, we are also engaged in the manufacturing of lightweight high tensile Galvanised C-section & Batten and Galvanised C-Purlin, together with all the related accessories, including standard & non-standard flashings and cappings.

BW Long Run


BW Long Run is a roll formed long length roofing and wall cladding profile. It is the most popular and versatile profile that is widely used either in residential roof & wall cladding application or as a commercial wall cladding solution in Malaysia. Uncomplicated, lightweight, easy to install and coupled with its inherent strength characteristics, it offers very real structural and fixed cost economies.
BW offers Long Run profile in selection of various paint colours, gauges, lengths and material options.





  • Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial projects including hoarding and cabin.
  • Lightweight, durable and cost effective.
  • Easy and speedy installation.
  • Custom cut length available according to customer's requirement.


Effective Cover Width: 762 mm
Rib Height: 25 mm
Minimum Roof Pitch*: 3°
*Subject to roof length.



BW Long Run - Crimp Curve

BW Long Run is also available in crimp curved profile. The crimp curve is aesthetically pleasing along with better structural elements. This unmatched design flexibility allows architects and designers the freedom to create a wide range of unusual contours and individual shapes for awnings and other building details.



















  • Reduction of structural frame for Fascia, Parapet.
  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance.
  • Reduced requirement for flashing.


Effective Cover Width: 762 mm
Rib Height: 25 mm
Minimum Roof Pitch*: 3°


BW Uroll Bond



One of the most stylish steel-tiled roofing profiles that emulates the classic, architectural look of roof tile, it combines the versatility of pre-finished steel with the classic look of concrete tiles. Architects and designers perceive steel-tiled roofing as a way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any commercial or residential project. It is widely considered as the best replacement for traditional concrete tiles.
BW Uroll Bond delivers long lasting beauty and energy efficiency that only metal roofs can provide. Easy to carry and maneuver, its installation does not require any special tools nor skills. It is strong and very much lighter than traditional concrete roof tiles, thus resulting in savings in the overall roof system construction costs.
Manufactured from various gauges of PPGI and AZ materials, these fully interlocking panels form a dependable weather-tight barrier as multiple end laps are eliminated, thus resulting in less potential leakage and reduced material wastage at end laps.


  • Unique terracotta embossment resembles classic roof tiles.
  • Lightweight as compared to concrete/clay roof tiles, thus reducing roofing costs.
  • Customised lengths from ridges to eaves minimises end laps.


Effective Cover Width: 762 mm
Rib Height: 35 mm
Minimum Roof Pitch*: 5°
Standard Module Length: 305 mm
Step Height: 15 mm

*Subject to roof length.


Batten Spacing: Internal Support - 610 mm
End Support - 305 mm



BW Clip Lock 672



Featuring hidden clips with no exposed fasteners, the BW Clip Lock 672 profile is easy to install, making it a popular choice for a diverse scope of residential, commercial and government projects in Malaysia. The sturdy, concealed fixed mechanism offers secure fastening, which increases water tightness and produces clean, long lines. It is a strong, durable and versatile long length roof or wall cladding. The panels and accessories are installed using fully concealed fasteners, resulting in a stunning, architecturally distinctive roof with minimum maintenance.
A rib height of 42mm combined with the concealed fastening method enables it to be used on many applications from low pitched roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling.



  • Concealed fixing method without roofing fasteners.
  • Optimum for low pitch applications.
  • High water carrying capacity - Rib height of 42mm.
  • Long lasting and easy maintenance.



Effective Cover Width: 672mm
Rib Height: 42mm
Minimum Roof Pitch*: 1°
*Subject to roof length.



BW C-Sections & Battens



BW's C-Sections and Battens make the production of lightweight steel roof trusses simple and fast. Our C-Sections and Battens are made of high-tensile galvanised or zinc/aluminium alloy (AZ) coated steel. It is designed for optimum strength and increased load capacity at a minimum cost to meet industrial demands as well as to complement most roofing systems.
BW's C-Section and roof batten are a superior and economical alternative to timber roof truss. Manufactured from galvanised corrosion-resistant steel, the BW C-Section is engineered for perfect compatibility with the building frames, resulting in greater strength, better design flexibility and wider spans, while the BW roof batten can be made into long, straight lengths with no alignment problems, as they are 75% lighter than timber battens. Since several battens can nest together and be easily bundled and transported, handling and storage becomes tremendously hassle-free and easy.


  • High tensile, lightweight & durable.
  • Termite-proof roof system.
  • Can be boxed up for longer spans.
  • Profile, thickness and material options for economy design.






BWYS manufactures a complete range of standard, even-profile C-Purlins and C girts for various construction applications such as industrial facilities, warehouses and anywhere at all that may require sturdy and reliable steel framing. Our BW C-Purlins are available in plain form or with a textured surface on the web area. Pre-punched holes, either round or elongated, can be custom drilled according to our customer's requirements. Manufactured from high tensile steel for increased strength, reduced weight and a long serviceable life, this is a fully integrated system that allows for flexible design options.



  • Available in 2 options - plain or with textured surface.
  • Available with pre-punched round or elongated holes.
  • Galvanised corrosion-resistant steel.
  • Suitable for construction and fabrication applications.
The Purlin load table are derived in accordance to BS5950: Part 5: 1987 "Code of practice for Design of Cold Formed Section" with maximum roof pitch 30° and roofing sheet distributed load 6.55 kg/m².




Flashing, Capping & Flat Sheet



Capping is required whenever two roofing slopes meet at an elevation. This is because the joint poses a significant vulnerability to water penetration, therefore, it is crucial to install an effective capping method to prevent a catastrophic failure of your roofing system. Capping, or flashing, forms the intersections and termination of roofing systems and surfaces to thwart the penetration of water into the roofing system. The most common locations for roof flashing are at valleys, chimneys, roof penetrations, eaves, rakes, skylights, ridges and at roof-to-wall intersections.
BWYS offers pre-formed capping or flashing to complement the style and colour of your roof tiles or panels. Apart from standard sizes, we can customise various shapes and sizes according to your requirement on stocked colours and gauges.



  • Durable & low maintenance.
  • Standard or customised sizes.
  • Flat Sheet (3' x 8') and Roll Form (3' x 100') available.



Corrugated Zinc Sheet

A product that was first conceived over a century ago, it is still highly sought-after in today's technologically-advanced world. Its corrugated cover, rapid installation and low material cost make it one of the most economical roof and wall cladding materials available today. It lends its graceful appearance and cost-effective fixing to almost any type of building structure. Corrugated zinc sheets have been successfully used for decades on a wide variety of projects in Malaysia.

Made of quality G.I. materials, BW Corrugated zinc sheets are available in various thickness and lengths to cater to different roof requirements.



  • Lightweight, durable and cost-effective.
  • Suitable for roofing and fencing applications.
  • Easy alignment and quick installation.



Effective Cover Width: 628 mm
Depth of Corrugation: 18 mm
Available Lengths: 6', 7', 8', 9', 10', 11', 12'




Length: ±10 mm
Width: ±8 mm
Depth of Corrugation: ±1.5 mm
Thickness: ±0.02 mm

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