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Scaffolding Assembly

BWYS has been providing quality scaffolding systems for over 20 years, with quality, product safety and innovation as our guiding principles. Besides the Frame System, Tubular System BS1139 and Heavy Duty Shoring System, we also have a complete range of accessories that

enable us to offer customised solutions to a diverse base of clients, from the building and infrastructure construction sector to the oil and gas (both on and off shore) industry, power plant and ship building sectors, all across Malaysia and beyond.

Tubular Scaffold System BS1139

Tubular Scaffolding system consists of galvanised steel pipes that are connected together by couplers and can be erected in virtually any configuration for falsework and working scaffolds. Flexible as a free-standing scaffold, independently-tied scaffold, bird-cage scaffold or suspended scaffold, this form of scaffolding is the most versatile type as it can adapt to the requirements of most types of building structures. We also provide related accessories such as couplers (drop forged), clamps and fittings.


1.Pioneering PPS (CIDB) Approval to ACT 520 (Follow Catalogue Page 1)

2.Standards Compliance;

  • MS 1462-2-1:2010 - Metal Scaffolding – Part 2: Tubular (Tube and coupler) Scaffold –
    Section 1 : Specification for steel tubes
  • MS 1462-2-3:2011 - Metal Scaffolding – Part 2: Tubular (Tube and coupler) Scaffold –
    Section 3: Specification for steel and aluminium couplers, fitting and accessories
  • MS 1462-4-2:2013 - Metal Scaffolding – Part 4: Temporary works equipment- Section 2:
    Information on materials (metal deck)
  • BS 1139/EN39 is general basis for Pipes

3.Effective Cost from superior durability & reduced wastage –

  • Excellent durability as galvanised pipes is designed to withstand harsh environments.
  • Versatile & flexible scaffolding system that easily adapts to various types of structures.
  • Simple assembly with only four basic components required to setup
    - pipe, right angler coupler, swivel coupler and bases or casters.

4.Dedicated to long term business value through rental and flexible support program

We commit the best commercial business value through

  • Technical loading analysis and drawings support (if required)
  • Flexible rental programs
  • Dedicated customer support & service programs
  • High value buyback program
  • Flexible financial leasing support

All the service packages above are designed to ensure long term business success and relations.

5.Other USPs

  • Excellent Systemic Performance
  • Superb Compression & Welded Strength
  • Safety Load Security
  • Anti-Corrosion Reliability

Heavy Duty Shoring/Falsework System

The BW SC System is based on the principle of a self-locking system with a pivoting wedge-key that engages with a stirrup. Upon placing a horizontal member on a stirrup, the wedge will automatically swivel into place, instantaneously securing the system.

The BW SC60 is a vertical shoring system that employs multi-directional triangular frames, which allows for many structural possibilities. The BW SC25, on the other hand, is a multi-directional pre-fabricated scaffolding with "automatic quick wedging". It comprises all the 3 main components - Standards, horizontal members and diagonal braces, which are completed with bearing parts and can be raised by adding floors. More importantly, BW SC25 is safe for erection and dismantling by a single person, who can position the horizontal members without any risk of disconnection

  • BW SC60 Specifications

Vertical Load: 70KN per leg.

Main Vertical Tube Members: 60.3 mm (OD) X 2.9 mm (thick)

  • BW SC25 Specifications 

Vertical Load: 30KN per leg.

Main Vertical Tube Members: 48.3 mm (OD) X 2.5 mm (thick)

  1. Standards Compliance BW SC25 (Only this Item is covered by MS 1462)
  • MS 1462-3-1: 2011- Metal Scaffolding – Part 3: Prefabricated scaffolds – Section 1:

Specification for steel and aluminium modular system scaffolding

  • MS 1462-3-2: 2011- Metal Scaffolding – Part 3: Prefabricated scaffoldings – Section 2:

Particular methods of structural design for steel and aluminium modular system scaffoldings

  1. Effective Cost from superior durability & reduced wastage – 
  • Minimal number of small, loose parts helps to minimise misplacements/loss of parts.
  • Quick & easy assembly and dismantling is cost-effective and saves time on-site.
  • Multi-directional and multi-level attributes allow for greater flexibility and better adaptability.
  1. Dedicated to long term business value through rental and flexible support program

We commit the best commercial business value through 

  • Technical loading analysis and drawings support (if required)
  • Flexible rental programs
  • Dedicated customer support & service programs
  • High value buyback program 
  • Flexible financial leasing support 

All the service packages above are designed to ensure long term business success and relations.

  1. Other USPs 
  • Excellent Systemic Performance
  • Superb Compression & Welded Strength 
  • Safety Load Security
  • Anti-Corrosion Reliability

Prefabricated Scaffolding Systems (A Frame)

The A-Frame scaffolding is a simple system that is widely used in Asia and some parts of the North American and European regions. The 1219 mm width X 1700 mm height walk-thru frame is one of the most common and widely used systems in Malaysia.

Our scaffolding frames and parts are made of quality materials, which are welded together using the Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding process for increased durability, safety and improved ability of anti-corrosion. In terms of coating, we offer customers choices of painted or galvanised. Both types of Main Frame 1219 mm wide X 1700 mm high have been tested for compliance to the Malaysia Standard MS1462:1999 or equivalent to the Singapore Standard SS280 (Specification for steel frame scaffolding - compression test on vertical tubes).

The BWYS Group has been recognised as a famed and reliable brand of metal roofing, metal cladding, metal hoarding, multi-truss system and corrugated zinc sheets throughout Malaysia. With more than 6 branches nationwide providing unparalleled coverage and backed by solid manufacturing and after-sales service, BW Metal Roofing offers a level of satisfaction and peace of mind that is unavailable from other manufacturers.

Our extensive range of metal roofing profiles includes: BW Long Run, BW Crimp Curve, BW Uroll Bond (step roof), BW Clip Lock 672 and Corrugated Zinc Sheets. In order to provide a total roof solution to our customers, we are also engaged in the manufacturing of lightweight high tensile Galvanised C-section & Batten and Galvanised C-Purlin, together with all the related accessories, including standard & non-standard flashings and cappings.


Product Highlights

  • Solid & stable structure offers safety & reliability.
  • Simple assembly that is easy to dismantle by hand, easy to carry and convenient to transport to different locations.
  • Highly efficient set-up helps to optimise manpower and resources.
  • Painted or galvanised coating available.

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