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Steel Pipes & Plates

We provide our clients with a precision engineered range of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates, pipes and hollow sections that are available in various sizes, thicknesses, lengths and other dimensions. Our mild steel products are widely used in diverse industries, including but not limited to, construction, general engineering, infrastructure, furniture manufacturing and fabrication.

Carbon Steel Square & Rectangular Hollow Section

YSSI offers Carbon Steel Hollow Sections, both square and rectangular, which are mostly used in the building construction and Machineries. We are able to accommodate the demands of local and potential overseas markets, facilitating both small and large volumes. Supported by quality products and competitive prices, we have gained popularity as one of the preferred suppliers in Malaysia.

YSGP, a new established pipe brand, producing the most up-to-date piping products based on latest Technological Advancement.

Our Service

  • Our expertise and experience best positon to provide our customers with valuable products and provide best competitive for businesses
  • Lowest cost among the peers with superb quality
  • Upcoming key producer of ERW steel pipes and hollow sections equipped with sound channelization on marketing distribution network, which have a wide range of applications in the building, construction and infrastructural-related sectors, and the general manufacturing industries.
  • Quick and reliable delivery mechanisms, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Reliable Product Quality and Accountability

Carbon Steel Circular Hollow Section

YSSI specializes in advance Galvanized Pipes (G. I. Pipes) greenhouse systems.  Namely projects that YSSI involved in are greenhouse plantations and scaffoldings.Promoting YSGP’ High tensile Low Weigh GI material to safeguard the loading strength while improve competitiveness without compromising the actual performances. As regulated Products and Services in Malaysia, YSGP' scaffolding pipes are both AKTA 520 compliant and exceed other Local and International Standards.

If you are looking a strategic partner for services such as greenhouse systems and scaffoldings. You will not be disappointed with YSGP brand name. 

As a newly established company, YSGP is driven to fulfil the requirement of our clients

Our Service  

  • You will benefits with the fast and reliable delivery mechanisms and methods provided. 
  • Our commitment to fulfil and deliver outstanding quality products.
  • Striving to be one the fastest growing brand in today’s market, YSGP marks the symbol of Reliability and Quality with great Dependability

Conduit Pipes for Wiring Solution

BS 31 : 1940 CLASS B (SCREWED)

YSSI is a manufacturer and supply in efficient and cost effective electrical conduit pipes. It can be further coated with YSSI Paint become finished color conduit. The color coating has optimum ductility and free from Wrinkle or peel off during bending. The color coated YSGP conduit eliminates the need to paint during installing. Thus, YSGP Conduit minimize your labor costs, saving a good deal of money. Importantly, clean and free from rought spots inside surface will ensure no wire cutting during wire’s pulling. YSGP Conduit is designed for installations requiring corrosion protection. Typical application include public building, industrial plans, and factories, commercial and high rise buildings. Available in nominal sizes of ¾” and 1” with or without coated with color.

Product Features

  • Fire safe – will not burn, decompose or give off toxic fumes, smoke or gasses in a fire compare plastic conduit pipes. Ideal for use where the safety of human life is essentialEconomical – far more competitive than bare conduit pipes
  • Low mechanical strength – Easy to bend
  • Electrical Resistivity – YSGP Conduit has a high electrical conductivity. It provides low resistance to current flow if a short circuit occurs.
  • High Quality YSSI Paint – YSGP Conduit can be further coated with high quality orange, red or white YSSI Paint. These paints are scratch free and weather-resistant.

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