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Total Storage Solutions

The METECH brand was introduced into the market as early as 2001. In 2012, with the successful acquisition of the METECH warehouse racking systems, the brand was included into BWYS' line of products under total storage solution. It carries a wide selection of standard and customisable storage systems that have been specially designed and developed to cater to the demands of various industries. METECH Pallet Racking Systems are subject to the highest standard of paint finish through the latest pre-phosphate technology and phosphate drying ovens in RAL powder coating paint polymers, the most modern and technologically advanced Powder Coating line in Malaysia and in the Asia-Pacific region.
During a multi-stage pre-treatment process, the surface of the metal is chemically covered with an adherent layer of iron phosphate crystals. This crystalline layer, which is non-conductive, provides the finish coat with excellent protection and prevents the onset of galvanic corrosion should any ruptures occur on the coat. The result is impeccable paint quality with a consistent layer of thickness, excellent degree of surface adhesion as well as greater scratch and impact resistance. Under the Group's purview, the METECH Racking Systems have successfully penetrated over 25 countries worldwide, covering the Asian region, Australia, New Zealand, Fuji, Guam, Middle East and Russia.


  • Design and Propose storage solution to customers.
  • Provide Propose Layout & quotation.
  • Manufacture
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Racking Inspection Service


Product highlight

  • Help reduce labour cost while lowering workforce requirements and increase safety.
  • Greatly minimize the time needed for the process of stockpiling and retrieval as it is done completely with automated robots and thus are more efficient.
  • Further increase storage space by having narrower aisles as the usual forklift vehicle is no longer needed with the emerging of robotic controlled system.

This is the future of storage systems. We will go the extra mile to assist you to achieve greater heights sharpening your competitive level on global scale while gaining international recognition

Metalock – Heavy Duty Racking System


SELECTIVE ( Wide Aisle Racking)

This system provides a wide aisle with direct access to all pallets for 100% accessibility and good stock rotation. Besides offering fully adjustable beam levels, this is also the most cost-effective storage system that incurs the lowest equipment and capital costs


VNA (Very Narrow Aisle Racking)

By using a narrow aisle and storing pallets to a greater height with a special high lift truck, this system is able to retain the flexibility of Selective Racking while also increase about 50% more storage capacity as compared to Selective Racking.



The Double Deep Racking System halves the number of aisles required with Selective Racking and provides a wide aisle for direct access. As it stores your inventory using vertical space, this system is able to increase storage capacity by 50% or more in comparison with Selective Racking.


An ideal alternative to high density conventional block stacking, this system is recommended for the storage of homogenous products. It uses the LIFO (last in, first out) storage method, which means the last pallet that is placed into a row is necessarily the first to be taken out. With only one entrance, it provides a higher occupancy rate system as compared to other high density storage application.


A high density system that is most efficient for inventory with expiration dates or where shelf life is a major concern, the Pallet Live Storage system utilises depth to increase capacity, especially useful for when there are only a few SKUs in contrast to a high number of pallets.


The Mobile Racking system offers a very high density storage system with 100% utilisation of pallet positions, all on one aisle only. The storage carriage is powered by integral electric motors that can be moved individually, permitting access to any pallet, anytime. This system is especially effective in Cold Storage environments where space constraints are a major concern.


As the name suggests, the Multi-Tier Racking system allows for double, triple or more floor space by using racks for support. It maximises the headroom available in a warehouse. In this system, fork-lift trucks or inclined belt conveyors are required to load or retrieve goods from the higher levels of the racking system.


The Cantilever Racking System is designed to maximise storage space while giving you easy accessibility. It has no vertical obstructions in the storage area. Ideal for storage of long, irregular and mixed loads' goods, this is the preferred type of racking system for goods of varying lengths without any interference or modification racks.


Always keeping up with the ever-evolving world, our aims for the future is to create a fully automated storage and retrieval system. Investing wisely and strategically on software and hardware development to scale and grow together with partners, turning dream into reality.

Metaspan – Medium Duty Shelving System


To meet our customers' various storage requirements, we have the Metaspan Shelving system, a cost-effective medium duty storage solution that is most ideal for storage of small but medium weight parts. This system can be decked with timber or steel shelves. Depending on the load capacities and floor loading requirements, this system can be configured for 2-tier shelving system with timer and laid with steel mesh grating as floor decking


The 2-tier Metaspan Shelving system can be used for the storage of silicon wafer products. Shelf levels are decked with galvanised steel mesh grating.


Simple and compact configuration maximises space and optimises efficiency

Metalite – Light Duty Shelving System

The messy and time-consuming task of bolting and tying of uprights with horizontal members is history. METECH's proven and time-tested light duty shelving system is an improved version of the age-old slotted angle shelving system. No bolts or nuts are required for the entire installation. The Metalite Shelving System can also be used for archive filing systems, which has proven to be economical and efficient. For storing and retrieving of goods at higher shelf levels, we have even designed a light, retractable ladder that will help you optimise floor space while maximising efficiency. Easy to install and use, this versatile and flexible shelving system is widely used to store light items, such as electronic parts, apparel, footwear, automotive parts and industrial spare parts.


  • Easy installation with no bolts or nuts required.
  • Versatile and flexible configuration allows for many structural possibilities.

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