Roofing Sheets & Trusses

We are principally an investment holding company. Through our subsidiaries, we are principally involved in manufacturing of sheet metal products and supply of scaffoldings. To complement our manufacturing of sheet metal products and supply of scaffoldings, we also engage in trading of steel materials and steel related products.


Roofing Sheets

We manufacture roofing sheets of various profiles and sizes. Our roofing sheets are manufactured using mild steel that is aluminium-zinc coated or color coated for surface finishing. The input coated steel coil goes through a continuous roll-forming process to achieve the desired profile. Roofing sheets have wide building applications but are largely used for commercial and industrial buildings, and in some situations used for residential roofing and awnings.



Roof Truss

A truss is a rigid framework designed to support a load such as roof. It comprises an assembly of various long materials joined tightly to form a rigid structure.

We manufacture sections and battens which are then joined to form the truss framework for roofing purposes. Our sections and battens are made of high-tensile mild steel strips and are lightweight for ease of transportation and installation. Our sections and battens can be used to form various roof truss designs as indicated in the diagram below.

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