Tubular Scaffolding system consists of galvanised steel pipes that are connected together by couplers and can be erected in virtually any configuration for falsework and working scaffolds. Flexible as a free-standing scaffold, independently-tied scaffold, bird-cage scaffold or suspended scaffold, this form of scaffolding is the most versatile type as it can adapt to the requirements of most types of building structures. We also provide related accessories such as couplers (drop forged), clamps and fittings.

Specification & Technical Info


1. Pioneering PPS (CIDB) Approval to ACT 520

2. Standards Compliance

• MS 1462-2-1:2010 - Metal Scaffolding – Part 2: Tubular (Tube and coupler) Scaffold – Section 1 : Specification for steel tubes
• MS 1462-2-3:2011 - Metal Scaffolding – Part 2: Tubular (Tube and coupler) Scaffold – Section 3: Specification for steel
and aluminium couplers, fitting and accessories
• MS 1462-4-2:2013 - Metal Scaffolding – Part 4: Temporary works equipment- Section 2: Information on materials (metal deck)
• BS 1139/EN39 is general basis for Pipes

3. Effective Cost from superior durability & reduced wastage

• Excellent durability as galvanised pipes is designed to withstand harsh environments.
• Versatile & flexible scaffolding system that easily adapts to various types of structures.
• Simple assembly with only four basic components required to setup - pipe, right angler coupler, swivel coupler
and bases or casters.

4. Dedicated to long term business value through rental and flexible support program

We commit the best commercial business value through
• Technical loading analysis and drawings support (if required)
• Flexible rental programs
• Dedicated customer support & service programs
• High value buyback program
• Flexible financial leasing support

*All the service packages above are designed to ensure long term business success and relations*

5. Other USPs

• Excellent Systemic Performance
• Superb Compression & Welded Strength
• Safety Load Security
• Anti-Corrosion Reliability


Thickness 4.0mm BS1139/EN39 BSP


Right Angle (Double) Coupler
(Forged) BS-DC

Right Angle (Double) Coupler
(Forged) BS-DC

Swivel Coupler
(Forged) BS-SC

Put Log Coupler BS-PC

Bone Joint BS-JP

Fixed Beam Clamp BS-FBC

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