Visage Industries Sdn. Bhd. has been designing and manufacturing V Truss Roofing System over 10 years. Today, we are proud to introduce our V Frame Building System that integrates design, manufacture and installation to ensure a complete housing solution to the end user. V Frame manufactured from reliable high tensile steel with minimum yield strength 550 MPa that able to deliver a pest proof, cost and time effective dream house to you.

V Frame is light weight, high precision, environmental friendly and not subject to seasonal limitation, makes the installation and erection works on site brilliant easy comparing to the conventional concrete frame work. Design and production compatibility ensure no wastages with minimum manpower involved during the installation. Labelling on each member of frames helps easier identification during installation works. Pre – punched recessed dimples are another idea guidance for frame assembling and ensuring the flush finish connection. Multiple service holes are provided to enable the accommodation of the service lines.

Using of Vertex Software in the V Frame Building System enable efficiently generate of all framing plans, drawing, material, panel manufacturing information and cutting lists for the design, manufacturing and installation works. V Frame Building System has been designed according to the following codes of practice:


  • BS 5950 – 5: 1998 Design of Cold Formed Thin Gauge Sections
  • BS 6399 – 2: 1997 Wind Load
  • MS 1553: 2002 Wind Loading for Building Structure
  • Uniform Building By – Laws 1984

Tests have been carried out for V Frame as follow:

  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Water Absorption Test
  • Permeability Test
  • Pulse Velocity Ultrasonic Test
  • Drop Ball Test
  • Fire resistance test

V Home Building System is available in 2 types of wall frame: wet wall and dry wall, to best suit user needs.

Wet wall is a wall reinforced with expanded metal and plastering at both sides of wall or cement board fix to the frame at both sides. Infilling of light weight cement mixture to the wall will enhance the performance of the wall in terms of water absorption, permeability, sound transmission as well as the impact strength.

Dry wall is the most economical and fast installed wall that no expanded metal and infilling required. After the installation of steel frame, cement boards are directly fix to the frame.


Development for 1 Unit 1 Storey Bungalow on Lot 2761, Mukim 13, Seberang Perai Selatan, Pulau Pinang.

Cadangan Mendiri Dan Menyiapkan 13 Unit Rumah Transisi Untuk Kampung Sungai Pasir Kecil, Sungai Petani, Kedah Darul Aman.

Cadangan Mendiri Dan Menyiapkan 84 Unit Rumah Teres Satu Tingkat (Fasa 2) Felda Lepar Hilir, Mukim Hulur Lepar, Kuantan, Pahang.

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